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Market & Toboggan Tour

Funchal Market - Mercado do Lavadores

The Funchal Market excursion starts with the pickup from your Cruiseship .

Funchal `s Vibrant main market, the mercado dos lavradores, sells a colourful array of fish, exotic fruits and local crafts, Housed in a yellow building faced with azulejos, it was designed in the 1930´s by Edmundo Tavares.Flowers sellers in traditonal island costume have colonised the entrance to the market.Their stalls sell keenly priced cut flowers and bulbs tubs or delicate orchid blooms might tempt you to buy a souvenir of the island´s horticultural richness. in the fish hall, there are scenes to turn the stomach.If the razor sharp teeth and large staring eyes of th escabbard fish. For more pleasanter sights and frangances head for the upper floor, with its lavish displays of seasonal fruits and vegatables.

Toboggan -Ride or visit the Monte Church

Please note: The price for the private tour does not include the cost of the tobbogan ride.

Monte Toboggan are sliding in a wicker basket mounted on wooden runners, its is possible to cover the 2 km (1 mile) descent from Monte to Funchal in 10 Minutes.The Trip is made by Thousands every Year,Fascinated by the experience of traveling at speed down a public highway on a wooden sled. Ernest Hemingway once described it as "Exhilarating".A Cushioned seat softens the safe hands ride,and passengers inthe safe hands of the toboggan drivers, who push and sterr from the rear,using their rubber-soled boots as brakes. Madeiran Tobogganing was invented as a form of transportation in 1850

Toboggan Ride Price Lists
Open Daily Monday to Saturday 9h00 to 17h45
Closed Very Sunday
1st January
14th & 15th August
25th December
Prices per sled
€ 27.50 (Single Person)
€ 35.00 (Two Person)
€ 47.50 (Three Person)
Payment Directly to operator in cash

Botanical Gardens

Surrounded by the mountains in the North and the ocean in the south in Funchal amphitheatre, the botanical garden of Madeira is about 3km (1.86 miles) from the city centre. It has 8 hectares in area, 5 of which are gardens where you can admire about 3000 species of plants from several places in the world. 200 of these, being endemic species from macaronesea and some growing exclusively in Madeira. It has a rich collection from different floras containing in total over 15000 specimens. At the end of the Madeira Boticanal garden there is an area devoted to exotic birds with a collection of 300 rare birds.

Open Daily 09h30 to 17h30
Adult € 7,50
Children € 3,00
Children (under 6) Free

Please note: The price for the private tour does not include the cost of the entrance at Gardens.


Garajau is Portuguese for tern and the village is named after the attractive black-headed seabirds. Garajau´s prominent landmark is the huge statue of Christ, which was erected in 1927. It is a replica of the Christ, in Rio de Janeiro and Lisbon. It offers fine views of Funchal and of passing cruises heading for the harbour.

Prices for Excursions from Funchal Port
1 to 4 pax 5 to 8 pax
Estimated Time : +/- 3.5 hours Estimated Time:+/- 4 hours
75 Euros 95 Euros
The above Prices are per vehicle including the guide
and NOT
per person.
Payments are made directly to the guide
No Deposit Required.
No Cancellation Fee.
We can Arrange tours for Small, Medium and Large Groups on request,
Please Contact Us
Custom made tours are available .
You will be pick up and dropped off at the Cruise Ship Port.
The price for the private Shore tour does Not Include the Cost for Toboggan Ride and Entrance at the Gardens.

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